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Anatomy of a Door Frame
door shop diagram

Door jambs act as attach points for hinges and lock sets, and along with the header, enclose the door opening, hide framing lumber, and strengthen the door opening for proper door operation.

Interior doors and exterior doors require different types of door frames that are unique to their application and use. Evermark sells components that make up both interior and exterior door frames.

Flawless Functionality & Superior Strength

Door Frame & Jamb Components

The strength of a door is only as good as what supports it.

Door frames are the support component for a door. Frames are the assembly of two side legs called jambs and one top piece called the header.
Interior Door Frames
Interior door frame components are typically made from pine, poplar, or other wood species. Jambs generally come in two styles: rabbeted and plain.
Rabbeted Jambs
Rabbeted jambs are designed for interior door openings. A rabbet is a recess or groove cut into the edge of a piece of wood. That rabbeted edge, called the “stop” provides a seal and closure for interior doors, providing privacy.
Flat Jambs
Flat jambs are used to enclosed cased openings that do not have doors. However, they have “stop” applied to them for use with doors, or have hardware applied to be used with pass-through “saloon” style doors.
rabbeted jamb facts and details
Rabbeted Jambs
Rabbeted jambs are parts of the door frame that stop the door from swinging through. Shown above is a typical application of a rabbeted jamb.
flat jamb facts and details
Flat Jambs
Flat jambs can be used with standard doors, as long as moulding called a “stop” is used. Without a stop, the door would not close. It would pass through the opening, possibly ripping the hinges from the hinge jamb.
flat jamb facts and details
Split Jambs
Split jambs, a type of rabbeted jamb, are used where the rough framing (2x4s plus thickness of walls) is wider than the standard opening.
Interior Door Casing
Casing conceals gaps between jambs and walls, and adds decorative detail to the opening and in some cases, accents the door itself. We sell a wide variety of door casing sets in multiple profiles and species.
interior door casing diagram
Typical Casing Sets are available in 3 piece, 5 piece, and 7 piece sets.

Each kit will finish one side of the door frame.

Shown is an example of a 7 piece kit, which includes 1 Header, 2 Side Legs, 2 Corner Rosettes, and 2 Plinth Blocks.

A 5 piece kit will have 1 Header, 2 Side Legs, and 2 Corner Rosettes, but no Plinth Blocks.

A 3 piece kit will have 1 Header and 2 Side Legs only.

Exterior Door Frames
Exterior door frames are built to keep weather and the elements outside, while keeping controlled temperature inside.

Exterior door jambs have the same task as interior door jambs, as they support door operation, bear the weight of the door, and assist with proper door operation.

Exterior jambs have the added features of sealing gasket called weather strip, and an allowance at the bottom for a sill, or door threshold, called a sill dado. The sill dado is slanted towards the exterior of the door, so that water, snow, and other debris will move away from the door.

Interior Jamb
interior jamb and frame
Exterior Jamb
interior jamb and frame
exterior jambs with weatherstrip
Exterior Jambs with Weatherstrip
Exterior jambs with weatherstrip are shown in the diagram above. Weatherstrip acts as a seal against temperatures, insects, and help keep conditioned air inside.

Exterior jambs:

  • Support the completed door assembly
  • Are attach points for hinges and hardware
  • May also hold Screen and Storm Doors
  • Provide strength and resistance for security
  • Supports door casing on both sides of jamb

Door Frame Innovation by Evermark

Evermark is an industry leader with several innovative products for door frames.
the everframe system
Evermark Innovations™


Evermark sells a complete, exterior frame system called the EVERFRAME® that utilizes pine, pine with composite bottom, or 100% composite door jambs joined to brick mould, mull posts, and doors.

Everbrock casing product used on doors and windows

EVERBRICK® is an exterior casing product, used on doors and windows. EVERBRICK is available standard but also with a composite, rot-resistant, bottom.

Everbrock casing product used on doors and windows

Evermark has a full line of door jambs. Our premier choice is EVERJAMB®. This jamb with proprietary engineering is comprised of pine with a special composite rot-resistant bottom. We also offer all pine door jambs and 100% PVC jambs.

Everbrock casing product used on doors and windows

EVERMULL® is the rot-proof mull post used between double doors and side lites.


Everstrike Main Image
Complete Door Jamb Kit

EVERJAMB® is a popular, proprietarily-engineered, door jamb comprised of pine with a specialty composite rot-resistant bottom.

Everstrike Main Image
Replacement Door Jamb

EVERSTRIKE® is a single, reversible, jamb leg with a security plate installed on the back. EVERSTRIKE® protects against forced entry, reinforces deadbolt and lockset openings, while also increasing the effectiveness of existing locksets.

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