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Glossary of Stair Parts, Doors, Frames & Jambs, Hinges and Hardware


Anchor: A supportive device that secures a structure or object in place.

Apron: A decorative trim installed against the wall under a window stool or stair tread.


Baluster: A baluster is a stair part that is a vertical post supporting the handrail of a staircase.

Balustrade: A row of balusters topped by a handrail on the edge of stairs, balconies, and decks.

Bearing Hinge: A hinge equipped with bearings to reduce friction.


Casing: The moulding or trim that surrounds a door or window frame.

Crown Moulding: Decorative trim placed at the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling.

Cylinder Lock: A type of lock in which a cylinder rotates to move the lock bolt.


Deadbolt: A lock bolt that is moved by turning a knob or key without the action of a spring.

Door Frame: The structure in which a door sits.

Door Jamb: The vertical parts of a door frame, onto which a door is secured.

Dowel: A pin used for strengthening a joint.


Easing: A part of a handrail that curves or angles to meet the newel post.

Escutcheon: A protective plate surrounding a keyhole or lock.


False Tread: A decorative element used to give the appearance of a solid tread.

Finial: A decorative element, often bulbous, at the top of a newel post.

Flush Door: A door with a flat surface, typically with a core of solid or composite material.


Gooseneck: A handrail fitting shaped like an S-curve that transitions from one level to another.

Guardrail: A protective barrier on a landing, platform, or balcony to prevent falls.


Handrail: The part of the staircase that you hold onto as you climb up or down.

Hinge: A movable joint used to attach, support, and permit the turning or swinging of a door, lid, or gate.

Hollow Core Door: A door constructed with a hollow interior, making it lightweight and inexpensive.


Inswing Door: A door that opens inward.


Jamb: See Door Jamb.

Joint: The point at which two components of a structure join.


Knob: A round handle on a door or drawer.

Knuckle: The joint part of a hinge that allows for the pivot.


Landing: A flat area halfway up the stairs or at the top or bottom.

Latch: A device that holds a door, gate, or window closed, consisting of a bar that falls into a slot.


Mortise: A cavity made in a piece of wood or other material to receive a tenon or a hinge.

Moulding: A decorative strip of material used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration.


Newel Post: A large post used to anchor the handrail of a staircase.

Nosing: The part of a stair tread that overhangs the riser below.


Outswing Door: A door that opens outward.

Overlay Door: A door that rests on the outside of the door frame.


Panel Door: A door consisting of panels (usually four or six) held within a framework of stiles and rails.

Pivot Hinge: A hinge that supports the bottom of a door and is located at the top and bottom of the door.


Quarter Turn: A 90-degree turn in the direction of a staircase.


Rail: A horizontal piece in a door panel or the part of the stair you hold (handrail).

Riser: The vertical portion of a step between two stair treads.

Rosette: A round, stylized floral design.


Saddle: Another term for a door threshold.

Solid Core Door: A door made from solid materials offering high performance in sound reduction and durability.

Stringer: The structural component that supports the treads and risers in standard staircases.

Stile: The vertical pieces on the sides of a door.

Strike Plate: The metal plate that catches and holds the latch or bolt on a door lock.

Swing: The direction in which a door or gate opens.


Threshold: A strip of metal or wood that lies at the bottom of a door frame.
Tread: The part of the stair that you step on.


Undercut: The cut-out portion at the bottom of a door to clear the finished floor and threshold.


Volute: A spiral or twist in a staircase handrail at the start of the stairs.


Winder: A stair that is narrower on one side than the other, used to change the direction of a staircase.

Weatherstripping: Material used to seal gaps around windows and doors.


X Brace: A diagonal brace across a door or gate.


Yoke: The frame on which a door swings.


Z Brace: A diagonal brace on a door

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