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Slip-N-Grip—Add Iron Baluster Shoes to Your Stairs Faster and More Easily!

Slipngrip baluster shoes | evermark stair parts doors hinges hardware

There’s something about baluster shoes that take iron balusters to another level. Yet, installing shoes on iron balusters can be time consuming, difficult, and frustrating! …Until Slip-N-Grip!

Slip-N-Grip makes adding iron baluster shoes to stairs faster and easier! In fact, according to Home Depot, Slip-N-Grip cuts the time for this process in half!

Slip-N-Grip baluster shoes are made of a matte black ABS polymer that will never chip, or have paint flake off. They are available as a traditional flat shoe or an angled shoe that is super-versatile.

Matte Black Slip-N-Grip flat shoe is made to evoke European decor. It also features patented engineering that saves time and money.

Slip-N-Grip was designed to cover holes drilled into the underside of horizontal handrails, as well as the top of treads and top of balcony floors. The Slip-N-Grip flat shoes create a consistent look and add a depth of detail to any stair design.

Similarly, the Matte Black Slip-N-Grip Angled Shoe is designed to cover holes drilled into the underside of angled handrails. It also covers holes at the top of angled knee walls.

To install Slip-N-Grip, you just place either the flat shoe or the angled shoe over the metal baluster and slide it to the top or the bottom. There, an internal rubber collar holds the shoe in place tightly. This design eliminates the need for set screws and the tools and frustration it takes to tighten them. Furthermore, the shoe just stays there. No glues or epoxies are required either.

Specifically, for the angled Slip-N-Grip baluster shoe, the imaginative design of the internal collar allows the shoes to self-adjust to the angle of most residential stair handrails. Such a design feature provides a tight fit underneath the handrail. Most angled shoes only have one angle so making them fit exactly right can be tough to do without leaving gaps. The Slip-N-Grip self-adjusting angled shoe prevents this problem. Furthermore, it does so without needing to trim or shave the metal yourself to fix this problem. That can be tedious and it’s easy to mess up or make errors in the process.

No other competing product is similar to Slip-N-Grip. Additionally, no other offers the simplicity of installation you find with this solution.

Not to mention… Slip-N-Grip simply looks good—adding beauty to your staircase. Even better, it does so without a big expense or especially, time-intensive hassle. To get Slip-N-Grip for your iron baluster transformation today, visit Home Depot or HomeDepot.com.

Slip-N-Grip is part of the Evermark family of brands. And since the 1993, Evermark has proven to be a premier home construction and remodeling materials supplier for major distributors and dealers, continually leading the industry in providing innovative and affordable materials to a broad array of customers.

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