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Tap-N-Twist™ and Installing Stair Parts—How Does It Help?

Installing stair parts tapntwist | evermark stair parts doors hinges hardware

How much do you know about installing stair parts? Could you do it yourself if you were ready for a change?

Is installing stair parts something you think you could do? Maybe you’ve loved the look of your wood balusters for many years.  But now… it’s time for a change.

You’re ready to install those beautiful iron balusters at Home Depot you’ve been eyeing for the last few months. You wonder if you can make the change yourself? Surely… installing stair parts is too hard? You have to hire someone. Right?

Changing from wood to iron balusters doesn’t have to be a pro-only project. Tap-N-Twist™ can make the job much easier!

With Tap-N-Twist from Evermark, the only part of this process that requires basic carpentry skills and tools is the removal of your existing wood balusters and then, cutting and installing your new hollow iron balusters.

As explained on thisoldhouse.com:

“If taking out a baluster, pull it sideways out of the mortise in the tread, then free the top end by tapping it with a hammer toward the top of the stair. Use nippers to pull out any nails in the handrail and tread, and 80-grit sandpaper to smooth the tread around the mortise and the underside of the handrail.”

While that might not sound too incredibly difficult, that’s just a brief explanation of the process. You can read the full, in-depth, sequence of steps here.

Once you’re finished removing the wood balusters from your staircase, it’s time to install your new iron balusters and that’s where the magic of Tap-N-Twist shines!

Previously, you’d need some serious tools and you’d have to be fairly handy with them. Furthermore, you’d need to set aside a significant period of time to get the job done.

That alone can be a challenge since many balconies are upstairs. These challenges prevented many people from getting the new iron baluster they desired for many years. Then came Tap-N-Twist!

Without messy epoxies, set-up times and bracing, you can securely install hollow metal balusters.

Using common tools & carpentry skills, with Tap-N-Twist installing stair parts like new balusters is easy and you can have a remodeled staircase in just a few hours!

Using only four components, installing a new metal baluster has never been easier. Each Tap-N-Twist kit has enough inserts to replace five balusters and can be used on stairs, angled walls and level balconies.

Tap-N-Twist Details:

  • Kit will install up to five 1/2 in. hollow metal balusters
  • Requires common household tools such as metal cutting saw, hammer, drill, measuring tape and allen wrench kit
  • Designed for baluster replacement, but can be used for new construction by drilling new holes in handrails, floor or tread
  • For interior use only

If you’re looking to change your wood balusters to new, modern, iron balusters, Tap-N-Twist™ can make it simple!

Tap-N-Twist is part of the Evermark family of brands. Since the 1993, Evermark has proven to be a premier home construction and remodeling materials supplier for major distributors and dealers, continually leading the industry in providing innovative and affordable materials to a broad array of customers.

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